Complications With Tight Blood Glucose Level Control Among Diabetic Seniors

Diabetes generally affects men and women over age 65. For medical experts, controlling their blood sugar levels may be the goal. But in general these old folks are also battling with several health problems.

I just heard about a scientific report a few hours ago that doctors failed to create the best treatment for this age group to regulate their blood sugar levels. The older people are are not expected to enjoy the benefits of demanding glycemic control. Rather, they’re inclined to experience damage from treatment, such as hypoglycemia and other adverse effects.

Worse, targeting low blood sugar levels can cause harm. In one instance, investigators actually had to stop a trial early because patients who were targeting hemoglobin A1C levels of six or below had significantly higher rates of death than patients targeting levels in the sevens. We don’t know exactly why this happened. What we do know is that aiming for levels below seven increases the risk for “hypoglycemia,” or low blood sugar reactions. Severe reactions can result in confusion, coma, falls, fractures, abnormal heart rhythms and even death.

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Diet For Kids With ADD

What should children eat if they have ADD?

If they eat the wrong food, it will make their ADD symptoms worse.

It is important to pick the right foods for children with ADD. You can reduce the chaos at home.

Eliminating certain foods such as eggs, dairy products, sugar, food dyes and gluten can reduce ADD symptoms in children.

I found one article that can help families who have ADD children. It establishes rules for their diet.

Food impacts neurotransmitter levels of serotonin and dopamine, which play a big role in how you feel and perceive the world. Serotonin, for instance, is responsible for mood, sleep regulation, and appetite control. 

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Suppress Your Appetite With IPE

Do you want to avoid overeating? The good news is that the British scientists have found a way to make you feel full. This can also prevent you from gaining weight.

The researchers at London's Imperial College and at the University of Glasgow created a new ingredient which contains propionate.

It works by stimulatiing your gut to produce hormones which signal your brain to minimize hunger.

Propionate is a natural substance as the microbes in your gut ferment the fiber.

The new ingredient, inulin-propionate ester (IPE), has more amounts of propionate than what you can make in a normal diet.

To take advantage of the curbing appetite of  propionate, you need consume lots of fiber.

By using IPE, you've better chances to prevent weight gain and overeating. In addition, your abdomen and liver will have less fat.